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Having participants in our studies is vital to us researchers and students at the Department of Music at University of Jyväskylä. We kindly ask You to check out ongoing experiments below. Your help is appreciated!

Ongoing Experiments

Nov 2012 Tunnekysely

In Finnish. Tässä kyselyssä selvitetään suomalaisten käsityksiä musiikin ja tunteiden välisestä yhteydestä. Kyselyn alussa pyydetään arvioimaan suomenkielisiä tunnesanoja ja niiden merkitystä musiikin suhteen.

Upcoming Experiments

Nothing at the moment. Contact pasi.saari [at] to get your experiment here.

Past Experiments

10.9.-16.10.2012 Chord Evaluation Experiment

CLOSED. The aim of this experiment is to provide empirical data on how chordal harmony creates emotional meaning in music. In the experiment you will be asked to evaluate pre-chosen chords on 9 given emotional dimensions.

1.7.-15.8.2012 Music Mood Annotation, Summer 2012

CLOSED. The aim of the study is to improve the understanding of digital music listening experience by studying the relationships between perceived moods in music, genres, music taste, and acoustical features. Large collection of social media data is being analyzed to link the findings to larger populations of music listeners. The listening task was to evaluate the expressed moods in excerpts from six popular music genres. See visualization of preliminary results.